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Mishkan, Mikdash and Temple utensils resources

    These resources can be helpful when studying Terumah, Tetzaveh, Vayakhel, Pekudei, parts of Sefer Vayikra and many mishnayot-

  • The Mishkan and the Cohanim- Daat web site This site is the most thorough that I've seen on the Mishkan and bigdei kehuna. It is in Ivrit, but the graphics make that fact largely irrelevent for the non-Ivrit crowd. The graphics aren't as fancy as on some of the other web sites (they're hand drawn black and white- at least the ones that I viewed), but they are thorough, and extensive. Some of the graphics are linked to larger, more detailed images.
  • A Tour of the Second Beis HaMikdash This site enables you to choose a location in the Mikdash from a list, or from the floor plan of the Mikdash. A short explanation appears along with an illustration, while for some selections a pop-up window appears with an in-depth explanation. Nice site, well done.
  • Reuven Weisers' Virtual Bet HaMikdash This site has beautiful graphics, short explanations for clickable items, close-ups of many items, and is nicely done. These graphics make beautiful backgrounds for your computer, and are great for educational purposes, but you might want to add more explanations.


  • The Temple Institute (Machon HaMikdash) This is the web site of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem, which is dedicated to researching and recreating usable models of the klei HaMikdash (utensils), and bigdei kehuna (priestly garments). This site is in Hebrew and English, and has information on the institute, and pictures of some of the utensils which have been produced. This is the big difference between this site and others. On the others you will find illustrations, here you will find some illustrations, but also pictures of real recreations. I took my son to visit the machon (institute) when we finished studying Masechet Yoma which details the Avoda of the Cohen Gadol (High Priest) on Yom Kippur. We both gained a lot by actually seeing the vessels which we spent a few months learning about.

  • Rabbi Menachem Leibtag on the Mishkan For in-depth shiurim on the parshiot of the mishkan, including the structure of the parshiot, see the shiurim at this location. The titles of the shiurim on these parshiot from Sefer Shmot are:
    TRUMAH - The Mishkan, before or after Chet Ha'Egel
    TZAVEH - The special stucture of parshiot ha'Mishkan
    KI-TISA - The 13 MIDOT of rachamim
    KI-TISA - Chet Ha'egel/ an idol or a symbol - Did Aharon sin?
    VA'YAKHEL - The Mishkan, a perpetuation of Ma'amad Har Sinai
    P'KUDEI - From Sefer Shmot to Vayikra and Bamidbar
    To see the index of parshiot from Sefer Shmot, including shiurim in VCR (virtual classroom format) click here

  • Tekhelet This site is about the seemingly illusive tekhelet, the blue dye that is supposed to be used to create a blue woolen string for tzitzit. What's the connection to the Mishkan and Mikdash? There are several items in both which require this dye. There are many interesting things at this site, including an overview of the attempts to identify the exact sea animal which produces the dye, and a brief discussion of the various opinions regarding how the tekhelet string was used to make the tzitzit.

  • Gematriahs of the Bigdei Kehuna- Rabbi Yehuda Samet (Ohr Sameyach)This site has an explanation of the meaning behind each of the bigdei kehuna.

  • VRML Model of the Mishkan and keilim By Elana Hefter You might need to download a VRML viewer to see this. The VRML offers 3D, and enables you to walk through the Mishkan. Links to the viewer download site are on the home page. Site includes explanations in English.

  • Neve Zion Virtual Beis Hamikdash This site offers: Pictures of a model by Rabbi Zalman Koren, who is considered one of the top experts on the location and setup of the Bet Hamikdash and virtual models (according to the site they are still being developed but already viewable) in VRML and VPY format. You might need to download a VRML viewer, for the VPY you'll probably need a VPY viewer. I only checked out the VRML and pictures of the model. If you view the VPY version, let me know how it works out.

  • Hatenua Lechinun HaMikdash This site has some interesting aspects. See Pesach in the Mikdash, Sukkot in the Mikdash and pictures of the para aduma (red heifer).
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    Parashat Hashavua

    (classes and divrei Torah on the weekly Torah portion)
    Shabbat gif

    See the Kotel:


    Daf Yomi and Gemara (Talmud)

    • The Daf Yomi Advancement Forum - This site includes subscriptions to lists providing background to the daf, review of the daf, in-depth discussions of certains aspects and more. Two works in Hebrew are available at the site: Gali Masechet and Yosef Daat. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required (and can be easily acquired- for free) to view these two works.

    Rabbi Meir Shapira

    Rabbi Meir Shapira zt"l originator of the Daf Yomi
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    Other popular Torah sites:

    • Jewish Torah Audio
      Hundred of hours of shiurim (classes) on many subjects, levels and by a multitude of lecturers, in audio form. (Real Audio). Some shiurim are on video.

      This site offers a wide variety of shiurim on different levels.
    Torah Study
  • Aish HaTorah

  • Aish HaTorah in Ivrit

  • News from Israel:

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